A message from Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO of Women's World Banking:


In reading this report, I hope you too took pride in what you helped Women’s World Banking achieve in 2014. Today, Women’s World Banking is reaching more clients with a greater variety of products than in the past, and are partnering with a greater number and range of institutions to do so. We continue and engage with a network of women-focused financial institutions that outperform industry benchmarks with regard to return on assets and portfolio quality.


Together, we are making the case—serving women clients is good for women, their families, their communities, and the financial institutions that serve them. In November of 2014, I spent my Thanksgiving in Kampala with the founders of the Uganda Women’s Trust. These women, who founded the legacy non-profit organization that would eventually become our Ugandan network member Finance Trust Bank, are true trailblazers for women’s equality in Uganda. These pioneers recognized that every woman has a goal to achieve something meaningful to her: that a mother dreams to keep her family healthy, a young woman aspires to start her own business, and a little girl wants to get an education.


I was inspired and moved by the children participating in Finance Trust’s youth savings program. Each one of the girls I spoke to shared that they were saving 50 percent of their pocket money for school fees. This is just one example of how your support and our work help dreams come true. With your help, we had great success this past year, but there is so much more to do when women make up the majority of the 2 billion unbanked individuals around the world. We remain committed to increasing access to the financial tools and resources women need to build security and prosperity for themselves and their families.


I encourage you to partner with us in reaching more low-income women and join our Bank on Her call to action. Your generosity, time and ideas are the drivers of Women’s World Banking’s success.


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